Latest Beautiful Walima Bridal Dresses Collection 2017/2018

Something special for your big day.

The wedding day is one of the most important days of a girl’s life. It is the day when she is the center of everyone’s attention. With the cameras flashing and numerous photographers telling her to pose, a girl can have her red carpet moment at her wedding. Looking your best is a necessity for the wedding since you are going to have those pictures and memories with you for the rest of your life. Also in the age of social media…

you gotta dress to impress.”

 Pakistani weddings are long. Like really really long. They can extend up to a period of two weeks with long many day mehndi functions, Ubtan, Sangeet and many other Rasams. The main days, however, are the Mehndi, Barat, and Walima. After the Barat, the Walima ceremony which is also commonly known as the reception is a Sunnah that is to be followed. It is the day after the Rukhsati.

It is absolutely imperative for the bride to look her best on her Walima day as it is the day when more guests are present. Walima Dresses range from lehngas to Anarkali frocks. Some brides even opt for a full-length dress on their Walima.

The color scheme of Walima dresses is an open choice for the bride. Any color except the conventional red can be worn on this day. There are various color choices with the pastel and silver palettes being the most favorite and common among the brides. The brides can choose either shade of silver, ivory, beige or even the lighter tones of blue, pink and turquoise.

The whole dress can be kept in a mono-color with a dash of stronger and brighter colors such as purple or magenta on the dupatta. Other than that, the shirt can also be made out of contrasting color with the bottoms which range from lehngas to shararas.

The Walima Dresses of 2017 are stunningly gorgeous aimed at letting the brides have her best experience. Sitara and moti work can be seen all over the dress with beautiful sequin work on all parts of the dress. Most dresses have chan of motifs on them making the dupatta heavy and extremely glimmery.

The fabric that is used is mostly silk, chiffon and sometimes even velvet and jamawaris also used. The craftsmanship of these dresses is jaw-droppingly marvelous. What makes the dresses so beautiful is the extreme attention that is paid to the details.


The designs of these dresses look very glamorous and add the beauty to a bride’s appearance. Since the Walima is a day when the bride socializes with all the guests and she doesn’t stay sit fix on the spot, so the dress must be easy to carry and comfortable to wear. The Walima Dresses are designed in a way to provide comfort and ease of dressing along with a sense of royalty and gracefulness. Even though the dresses are filled with intricate design and beadwork, they are designed to be kept lightweight so that the bride is not exhausted by carrying the dress for such a long time. Sometimes the dupatta is kept the light with motif work only on the hems of the dupatta or only a dash of sequins on the whole dupatta.

The dresses are not kept simple anymore. Statement sleeves have also made their appearance and various neck designs are also quite in fashion. Long sleeves, bell sleeves, and cold shoulder sleeves are all a trend in the 2017 Walima collections by different designers.

Choosing the right dress for your Walima can be a tedious task but we have presented a little catalog for you above from which you can either choose an outfit or get an idea of what would be ideal for your big day. Since it is the last day of the wedding, you have an open choice of style and color. Experiment a little and go for something new and unique to stun the audience.