With the wedding season coming up, everyone’s attention is mainly focused on looking their best for the weddings. On Pakistani weddings, guests try their best to out do each other. Wedding, however, is the special day for the bride.

The wedding day is most people’s most special day of their lives. It is the day when everyone’s attention is reserved only for the bride. Flowers, wedding decor and music are all the components of a wedding. Not to forget the multi course meals and sweets. The most important aspect of a wedding is the Bridal dress. In Pakistan, a lot of time, money and attention goes into the choosing of the perfect Bridal dresses.

There are many bridal dresses designers in Pakistan who present their best every year to the wedding industry.

Maria B, Elan and Teena Durrani are the ones to name a few. Other than that, top notch designers like Nomi Ansari, Hassan Shehryar Yaseen and Deepak Parwani also bring their amazing designs of bridal dresses to the market each year.

2017 has seen a lot of stunning designs and styles in bridal dresses.

Teena Durrani Bridal Dresses

Teena Durrani’s bridal dresses are embellished with crystals, pearls, sequins and dana motifs. French knots and chan of beads and sequins cal also be seen on the lehnga and dupatta. A lot of off the shoulder cholis are present in her collection. The most magnificient thing about her bridal dresses are the Swarovski crystals embedded on the dress making it look absoulety regal and full of elegance.

Elan Bridal Dresses

Elan is one of the most famous names in Pakistani Bridal Wear. Elan is has absolutely breath taking designs and their dresses are something every bride wants to get her hands on. The brands attractive choice of colour palette and impeccable craftsmanship is what makes their bridal dresses so stunningly beautiful. Even the names of their collections like Bejeweled Rose and Jasmine Court speak of absolute royalty and grace.

According to the brand “ÉLAN is synonymous with elegance, opulence and luxury. Established in 2006, the fashion powerhouse earned early success because of its intricately detailed and luxurious evening and bridal wear and tastefully body-conscious silhouettes”. It is for this very reason that the brand is still earning respect and admiration.

Another one of the mention worthy Latest bridal dresses collection of 2017 is Maria B Bridal Collection. Maria B’s designs radiate opulence whether they are Unstitched or Pret wear clothing articles. Her bridal dresses are no less.

“Regarded as the ‘Coco Chanel’ of a fashion magazine of Pakistan, Maria B indeed lives up to the comparison.”

Her birdal dresses are a mix of different colours. While some have more earthy tones and exhibit the shades of golden and brown, others are vibrant with shades of reds and oranges. In her words,

“I’m a communist when I design!!! I want the best product with the most value at the best price for my clients. I fight for it… I innovate for it. Affordable fashion is what drives me… and the women who buy Maria.b love the value they get for their money! So I design for Pakistani women who can’t be fooled by gloss send glamour only..they want value for their money”.

And that is truly what you get at Maria B.

Nomi Ansari Bridal Dresses

Nomi Ansari is one of the most sought-after designers in Pakistan. It is every bride’s ultimate wish to get her hands on a Nomi Ansari number. His bridal dresses are unique yet beautiful in his own way. He plays around with colours and emboridery. Nomi Ansari lehngas have earned fame not only nationally but also internationally. Having earned many awards and displayed his designs on several ramps, he has made his name in the top wedding designers of Pakistan.

Nomi Ansari’s bridal dresses are for those brides who like to keep things funky yet tranditional at the same time. If you a bride who likes a pomp of colour and style but still want a comtemporary touch in their bridal dresses, Nomi Ansari is the right choice for them. Short cholis and off shoulder cholis were brought to the market by their maestero.

HSY Bridal Dresses

When talking of bridal dresses, one cannot keep the conversation going without mentioning the great HSY. The brand’s mission is to “redefine contemporary glamour by combining traditional crafts with modern silhouettes to create the look for a timeless bride”. His ideology is clearly reflected in his bridal dresses collection. His designs portray exceptional craftmanship and unqiue designs. He is beinging back the reds and goldens to the bridal dresses. The main silhouette although traditional has hints of modern fads in them like statement sleeves.

Deepak Parwani’s ravishing designs are the perfect choice for every 2017 bride. His designs are embellished with sequin work, bead work and Zari work. The collection has a range of different choices which means every bride can find her fix from Deepak Parwani studios. The colours range from golden and red to pastel colours. Deepak Parwani has ditched the cholis and his designs are mainly directed at bringing long shirts back. The lehngas with long shirts look absolutely traditional and yet posh at the same time.

These are just a few options to chose from. Their are so many latest bridal dresses in the market that it would surely confuse the bride making her want tonnes of dresses for her wedding. Designers such as Zara ShahJahan, Maheen Khan, Zainab Chottani and Fahad Hussayn are also a few amazing deisgners amongst the other many. We made your choice for a perfect bridal dress a little more easier. Looking around and searching a lot is the best possible way to find the ideal dress for your wedding.