Pakistani designers have never disappointed when it comes to luxury collections. Khaadi is one of the leading names in fashion industry. Every season, they release new and better designs with unique dresses. Every single piece is amazing in it’s own way.
A diverse range of colour and styles can be found in the luxury collection. Khaadi brought tropical prints in their new luxury collection. The prints were more on the botanical side with leafy prints on white, green and beige backgrounds. These prints give a fresh look to the outfit and the person wearing it.

Beige in Luxury Collection

Beige made a massive appearance in the new Luxury collection. A lot of prints are set back on beige back drops. The dupattas are red and brown in contrast with the beige, the dark colours complimenting the lighter tones. You can adorn a classy look for a striking contrast.

“Beige is atmosphere. It’s bisque. It’s ivory, it’s cream, it’s stone,it’s toast, it’s cappuccino. It’s magic”

(Albert Hadley)

The beige outfits are perfect of any summer event with beige heels and nude makeup.

Darker Shades

The luxury collection also presented some darker colours such as black and night blue. The colours along with the intricate patterns would assure that you are the star of the evening. The dresses are accentuated with detailed emboridery and fancy embellisments. Even the blacks have floral designs on the borders of the shirts. Printed or embroidered neck lines are a rarity in this collection as hems of shirts are more focused on. The dupattas are also completely printed and the shirts are paired with plain bottoms.

Shades of blue and green can also be seen in this collection.  The little hints of darker colours pop out and add glamour to the outfit. While some pieces have turquoise or teal prints, others just merely have a strip of blue and green on the dupattas or bottoms. These pieces feature impeccable prints and gorgeous artwork. For an event, these can be paired with statement earrings and black, shiny heels.

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are the most fashion of this year. They can also be seen in the Khaadi Luxury collection. Wide sleeves and ‘hanging sleeves’ exude funkiness while keeping the outfit elegant and beautiful. These dresses can be used as decent work wear or even to stun the guests at any formal event. The sleeves are also printed and have beads on hems to attract more attention and admiration.

These dresses are bound to make you feel regal with modern silhouettes and elaborate embroidery. Embroidered necklines and sleeves give an imperial look to the shirts.Not only do they look stylish but also give you confidence and a sense of sophistications.

This Luxury Collection is a perfect blend of contemporary style and boldness. Opt for any one of the rich designs to ensure that you look your absolute best on any event.