New Bridal Mehndi Dresses Designs 2017

For the most colourful day of your wedding.

The winter season can easily be named as the wedding season as it is the season when most people get hitched and most matches are made. Like rain calls for a warm cup of tea, wedding season calls for wedding dresses. Lots and lots of them.

Because no Pakistani wedding is complete with only one wedding dress for the bride. In other countries and culture, a single white dress would suffice for the big day but not in Pakistan. In Pakistan, atleast a dozen dresses are required for the bride because she needs to look like a queen every day.

Mehndi Dresses 2017

Mehndi is the most enjoyable day of the wedding, full of laughter,electric dance performances and colourful dresses. The bride is also supposed to ditch the traditional red and wear something colourful on her Mehndi day.

Mehndi is all about colours and pomp.

Most latest bridal dresses for Mehndi are made in the shades of yellow and orange. Yellow is the official colour for Mehndi. Now other colours such as purple and magenta are also in fashion. Many Pakistani designers have their hands full these days with all the bridal dresses they have to deisgn. The dresses are full of life and colour.


In old times, brides would just stitch a simple suit for their Mehndi at home. The friends and cousins of the brides would offer to help her put gota on her Mehndi dress. But these days, it is all about fashion and latest style. New designs are available every year and brides like to opt for the latest fashion . Mehndi dresses designs revolve mostly around lehngas. The lehngas are embellished with embroidery and tilla work along with gota all over them.

The cholis are either short made of contrasting colours. Some designs also carry long shirts on lengas with exquisite embroidery and gota work on the shirt as one. Sometimes the motifs are only seen on the neck line but mostly the whole shirt is covered with sequins since it is the bride’s outfit and it has to be the best.

While traditionally, yellow was the only major colour choice for a Mehndi dress, now the trend has changed a little. Hints of green and purple can be seen in the Wedding dresses now. Designers like using tints of colours other than yellow on the cholis or dupattas and even on the lehnga bottoms. These colours stand out and make the bride look even more beautiful and livley. If the brides don’t like shiny stuff and like to keep their outfits simple, they can also go with beige or light pastel colours.

While lehngas are the most common choice of most brides, some brides nowadays are also opting for other bottons like shalwars and shararas. These look extremely playful and give of a hint of fun and excitement. The shraras are two-legged and sometimes they have strips of sequined lace on the knee area which makes the whole outfit look extra chic and beautiful.

Most of the times the mehndi outfits are made out of silk or chiffon. Silk lehngas and silk cholis are quite in fashion. Chiffon may also be used as it is a flowy fabric, just the perfect one for making a lehnga. The latest trend which is actually revival of an old trend is the use of jamawar in lehngas. Jamawar can be seen in mehndi dresses a lot these days.

It maybe present as patches in the borderline of the dupatta, lehnga or choli. It may even be used to make the whole shirt or the whole lehnga while the other piece is made out of silk to give the whole look a more elegant vibe. Beadwork can also be seen on the jamawar patches that are present on the borderlines of shirts or lehngas. The lehngas or shararas that are made out of jamawar are adorned with beaded laces and sequin laced strips of fabric on the borders to make the whole outfit look more stylish.

Other than that, Velvet is also a great and unique choice of fabric for Mehndi dresses. Some brides get their bottoms made out of velvet and others like to wear the shirts made out of velvet. Velvet, with its dark shades like blue, purple and maroon make the whole dress look vibrant and brings a sense of royalty to the outfit. With a velvet outfit,any bride can channel her inner princess with all the magnificence that the velvet’s natural sheen provides.
Thus, there are a variety of options for the bride to choose from. Latest Bridal Mehndi Dresses designs are all aimed at making sure that the bride is star of the show. We have pointed out a few options for you to select from. For better and more option, you can fix an appointment with any designer. To look the best, better go with what suits you and the colours that compliment your skin tone and body stature. Select the best dress for your big day and shine away !