Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2017

The best collection to get your hands on.

nishat linen winter collection 2017

Nishat group proud itself by being ‘The Fabric of Pakistan‘. Nishat has been serving the nation for quite a while now. Be it Unstitched Summer or Winter Collection, Ready to wear, Accessories, Kids Wear or Home Linens, Nishat is always there with its beautiful designs and matchless fabric quality. Nishat is one of the most famous and well-recognized names is the Pakistani fashion industry. It is loved mostly be the young adults or teens since their designs are normally directed towards playfulness and vibrancy.

Nishat Linen Winter Collection

With the arrival of winter, every brand is in the race to introduce their new Winter collection. The coming months would bring a lot of customers to the outlets who are looking to edit their wardrobes and make their warmer. While all other brands are planning to bring their Winter collections to the market soon, Nishat is also planning to do so.

The Nishat Linen Winter Collection mainly brings out a pop of color. Because winter is all about dark colors and dark shades. The warm fabric along with the darker colors make the perfect combination for a Winter day. Nishat’s new collection is aimed at serving the purpose but not forgetting the style and current trend.

The colors in the new collection are expected to be on the darker side ranging from Maroon to Red and even shades of brown. Hues of Orange may also be noticed since it is also a winter favorite. Pastel colors are not expected to make an appearance as they are considered lighter tones fit for summer.

Nishat Fabric per meter

The Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2017-18 will be filled with everything one could possibly need. Unstitched suits with Karandi or Linen fabric so that you can stitch it according to your taste and current fad of the season.


In case, you are an admirer of a funkier fashion sense and you are not the kind who is easily impressed by the conventional kurtas and shalwar, Nishat has the Fabric per meter option for you. That fabric can be made into tens of different things. You can make a kurta out of it or a frock or a cool little gown for any of your existing piece of clothing.

Nishat Linen Accessories

While other brands only focus on apparel, Nishat also has the perfect fix for your accessories. Be it some beautifully embellished neck scarf or everyday flats, Nishat has got you covered. The brands offer special accessories such as wallets and clutches to match with their collections. The accessories match the clothes that are in the collection, complimenting the whole look of anyone who wears them.

Nishat Linen Men’s Collection

Nishat isn’t only heaven for women. It is also a place to shop for the male population. They can find Kurtas and Shalwars here of their heart’s desire. The quality and the prints of the designs are absolutely loveable. Simple kurtas, embroidered kurtas, and even the whole kurta shalwar suit can be bought from the Winter Collection. With colors ranging from purple to maroon, this collection is bound to bring a revolution in the apparel market.

These simple, yet elegant, kurtas can be worn on a family gathering, everyday routine or even on Eid because of the quality and the design display festivity and grandeur. 

Nishat Linen Kids Collection

The Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2017-2018 is not only focused on Men or Women only. It will also have a lot of choices for Kids. Nishat is one of the very few high-end brands that have apparel for children as well which is not only designer-made but also is fashionable. The Nishat kids collection is a mix of vibrant colors and cute little attractive designs. The collection brings fashion and style to the kid’s garments while keeping in mind to not deprive the kids of their childishness and innocence.




Thus, Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2017-18 will bring a lot of new trends and new fashion pieces to the market with new color schemes and designs. The Winter Collection is expected to hit the market anytime soon after Eid-ul-Adha. Better keep your eyes on their website and their outlets which are spread all over the country.

To provide ease to the customers, they even offer Cash on Delivery during online shopping. They also have the option of payment through Visa or MasterCard which is ideal for those buyers who have bank accounts and are fans of online shopping.

We are quite excited for the Nishat Winter Collection 2017-2018 because we can’t wait to get our hands on the best fashion trends of the season.